Welcoming a New Earth Era

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By Clare Hollywood


December 21, 2020


Welcome to my new blog, New Earth Awakening.  Your portal for conscious living.  It is my mission to bring Spirit down to Earth by helping Lightworkers enrich their lives by tapping into their Divine Purpose, Potential and Gifts so they can be of greater service in the world.

As we stand at the precipice of a New Era and 2020 comes to a close, I’m sure you’ll agree it was an intense year of dramatic change. When we look back in a few years, I believe we’ll recognize how divinely orchestrated this year truly was.

It has been a year of amplification, disturbing on all levels: individually, socially, ecologically, politically and economically. The storm swept in, disguised as a pandemic, catalyzing a massive shift on planet Earth.

Like it or not, we are shifting along with her.

Leading into this year, we were all searching for meaning and connection. The soulless society we created was longing for a greater experience. This disconnection was evident as we acknowledged the systemic depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, emptiness and dissatisfaction that was showing up. Even our immune systems were depressed.

We coped using outer stimuli, through numbing and distracting ourselves from the inner suffering. We found solace in technology, tv, social media, work, drugs, alcohol… the list goes on.

In the blink of an eye, everything changed. We were forced to break with the past and challenged to begin envisioning a new and more sustainable world.

Around the globe fear, confusion, loneliness, discomfort and trauma have set in. The outer chaos has triggered all that we had buried and left unresolved in the psyche. The rug was ripped from beneath us, only to reveal all that we had swept under it.

Many of my clients report feeling restless, wanting to gain greater clarity and take inspired action toward the next chapter of their life. So many have been left in shock feeling frozen, stuck or stalled.

But what if this wasn’t struggle? What if this is truly breakthrough to ultimate freedom! Discomfort is inherent in change; isn’t it? Like going to the gym, it hurts at first. What if this is a healing, purification and rebirth and this is when our true light begins to shine through?

We have been left to explore our inner lives, yet so many still resist.  It is in the discomfort that we breakthrough, like the caterpillar in its chrysalis. We hold the potential to be completely liquefied and transformed into the free flying graceful butterfly.

We have magnetized this deep healing into our awareness, as our Soul is calling out for liberation.

For some it has been a more conscious process and others more unconscious. Either way, we are asked to let go of all that does not serve, to rewire our brains and to empty our vessels of the discord, making room for the Wisdom, Light and Higher Knowledge of our Soul.

As we clear away density, heal and release trauma, we increase our vibration and open to higher knowledge. When we use our bodies as vessels to channel universal energy, we bring our creative ideas to life and start consciously co-creating with the universe.

The universe is calling us to tap into the more powerful aspects of our spirit so together we can heal the world. Our authentic self is waiting to be set free, so we can remember who we are and what we came here to do.  We cannot linger in resistance or it will be thrust upon us in even more tumultuous ways.

As we embark on the Aquarian Era our creativity surges with inspiration.  This will be an era of great innovation and humanitarianism.

We are in a balancing act between the old and the new.  A global restructuring of epic proportions has been unleashed.  We are shifting our perspectives and embracing new ways of being through the clearing of the collective karma that has been secretly ingrained in our subconscious.

As we progress forward, we evolve into unity consciousness – we’re learning that the fear driven ego has been in control for too long and it is time to embrace our higher wisdom, we open our hearts and surrender allowing this aspect of us to run the show. Our gifts awaken, our intuition soars, our true nature is revealed.

The ego is always the strongest before any up-leveling in awareness. It clings at all costs to the old identity and hits you in the spots where you're the weakest. As we recognize that it is becoming louder and more persistent, like a fitful toddler, we commit to becoming the observer. We can choose to take its power away by choosing a higher perspective on the matter. We can lose our mind and simultaneously come to our senses.

As the New Earth is being birthed, humanity is awakening to the Oneness; the awareness that we are all connected, to the cosmos, the planet and each other.

We each have a role in this masterplan of creating the New Earth.

Many of us have heard the calling and know we chose to be here at this challenging time. Although we may not be clear on the role we intended to play, we do have a knowing that there is something more for us and we are here to help. We can use this as an opportunity to step onto our Path of Light, the path we chose for this lifetime, in harmony with our hearts. 

Are you ready to awaken yourself and help others to awaken too?

As we help and heal ourselves, we are bridging the gap for all humanity to follow suit. Our compassion, acceptance and unconditional love for ourselves, and all that we have created up until now, is what is most needed. Even those circumstances that appeared to be “bad” had a silver lining and served us in some way.

As we transition into the solstice energies on 12.21 we are experiencing the mirroring of opposites - unity, balance and equilibrium are required. All that is out of balance is being felt intensely. As our buttons are pushed, our shadows are calling out for love, acceptance and integration.

In addition, a rare alignment between the largest planets Jupiter and Saturn known as the Grand Conjunction is also taking place. This particular Grand Conjunction is being considered a “once in a lifetime” event in the December sky. The two planets are so close they will almost look like a single planet shining in the sky. The last time this occurred was in 1623.

It is believed by many astrologers that this conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn is the “Star of Bethlehem” seen by the shepherds at the inception of the Piscean Age.

All is seeking unity, balance and equilibrium, the left and right brain, the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, and the ego and Higher Self. A planetary reboot was necessary for us to step into our higher potentials.

Humanity is transitioning into the astrological Age of Aquarius from the Age of Pisces; the veils are being lifted and we are embracing our Divine nature.

With so many aspects of our lives out of control, we need to make a deeper personal commitment to ourselves at this critical time, so we can shine our light in the world. The ripple effect will open humanity to greater wholeness and fulfillment.

If you are not that familiar with my work, I’ve been serving Lightworkers, Empaths, Sensitives, Earth Angels and Starseeds like you for more than 10 years now - through the bridging of science, spirituality & psychology.

I’m honored to begin sharing my practical & spiritual toolbox with you - to help you live a more sustainable, conscious, fun and fulfilling life with greater peace, love, balance and harmony.

If you’ve been desiring greater freedom, fulfillment and flow in your life I hope you will continue to tune in. You are needed now, more than ever!

Planet Earth is at a critical turning point and Lightworkers around the globe are going to be stepping up in new ways.

We are being challenged to take responsibility for our lives. We can continue in unhealthy ways or we can allow this crisis to teach us something and discover what is truly important. I choose the latter, what do you choose?


If this message resonates with you, please let me know!  

I’d love to hear at least one of your goals for 2021 so I can support you in this effort. 


Your Awakening Coach & Divine Cheerleader,





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