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Dive into this extraordinary journey of self-discovery and transformation with these Divinely guided Activations for your Awakening.

8 Awakening Activations

Are you ready to unlock the magic of the Universe and embark on a path of enlightenment?

In this transformative series of

8 Awakening Activations, you will...

embark on a profound exploration of your true self

align with your divine purpose

embrace a life of harmony, balance & flow

I’m Clare Hollywood, your guide on this transformative journey. I’ve used these very activations to deepen my own connection with my higher self and tap into the universal consciousness.

For years, I’ve shared these Divine downloads with individuals at various stages of their Awakening, helping them unlock their tpotential and walk their authentic path in life.

What You Can Expect

As you engage with these guided meditations, I encourage you to keep a journal handy. Capture the moments of deep connection and the waves of unconditional love that will wash over you.

Let these activations serve as your compass, guiding you toward:

  • Aligning with Your Divine Self - Embrace Your Mission
  • Aligning with Your Divine Soul Blueprint - Awaken Your Gifts
  • Enhancing Your Intuition
  • Bringing In Your Potential - Infinite Timeline Activation
  • Chakra Balancing for Empaths
  • Sacred Violet Flame of Transmutation Attunement
  • Ho'oponopono Clearing - Restore Balance & Harmony
  • Connecting with Archangel Raphael - Raise Your Vibration
8 Awakening Activations

May Your Heart Be Open
& Your Spirit Awakened


It's time to embark on this soul-enriching journey and become the master of your own destiny.


Your awakening awaits...

 Are you ready to dive in?

The transformation begins now.

8 Awakening Activations