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The Purpose Quest: Embrace the Power of Dream-Driven Living

Discover your true purpose and create a life of boundless fulfillment and joy guided by your deepest longings, passions, and destiny. 

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Living on a  boat, writing a book

I've been busy writing my debut book, Happiness Beyond Heartache and I can't wait to share it with you!

On October 17, 2021 my husband Scott, our lab Caysea and I embarked on our dream—living aboard In Balance, a 2017 Lagoon 450F Catamaran. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube.

Sending a and wave of Love & Infinite Blessings


The fruit and impact of Clare Hollywood's coaching speaks for itself:

Robyn Spieler, Long Island, NY     

Laura C., Huntington, NY.  
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Stacy C., Garden City, NY    
        Laura C., Huntington, NY.                                                                       Stacy C., Garden City, NY    

Michelle, Ladd, Nashville, TN 

Clare is the real thing. She makes learning spiritual tools incredibly  accessible, understandable and practical. She has a wealth of information on various spiritual practices and shares these tools through multiple mediums so you can absorb at your best level. I have worked with her on many beneficial services, including Akashic records, energy work, cord cutting, and ongoing spiritual education. All have been inspirational and life altering! We tend to connect when I am having trouble processing on my own and Clare helps me breakthrough to a better place! Continually impressed by Clare and her integrity, capabilities and connectedness.

Roshanda N., Mineola, NY

I am forever grateful for all the support and coaching Clare has given to me in my journey in healing and spiritual growth over the years. Clare’s tools have helped me heal my mind, heart, body and soul. I have been able to connect with my true inner self and gain an inner power to heal and release old wounds and energy in order to take control of my life. I am mentally and emotionally stronger every day. I have gained more trust in myself and my ability to heal my mind, heart, and body. I have lost a significant amount of weight as I continue to make healthier choices and my body is transforming before my eyes. I have found motivation and excitement in taking the steps to creating a career that aligns more with my true Soul Purpose. For the first time in my life I can clearly see the future that I want to create for myself and I know and trust I have the power to make it all happen. Clare has been my saving grace in moving forward to create a new life filled with love, light and joy. You are a true blessing!!!

Amy G., Long Island NY


Clare's courses are informative and the source of many ahah moments. I have come away with an appreciation to truly live in the moment, trust my intuition and my inner voice. I’ve created a morning ritual of meditation, connecting with my spirit team to ground and protect me and keeping a gratitude journal. I’m doing the “work” and finally understand what the work is. I consider this course a reference guide. Clare provided us with a wealth of information, guided meditations and slides, so many tools to aid in our spiritual journey to ascension. As we enter a new age it is empowering to

understand we are all connected. It was a powerful experience to be a part of her courses and truly feel the connection.

Debbie T, Palm Beach Gardens, FL


Throughout my spiritual journey, I've been fortunate to learn from numerous teachers and Clare stands out as one of the most knowledgeable. I've had the privilege of being her student for many years, and her classes have been a source of tremendous enjoyment and immense growth in my conscious awareness. Clare's teachings are truly remarkable; she imparts her wisdom with thoroughness and expertise, guiding us toward individual and global betterment. In these uncertain times, I am deeply grateful to have her presence in my life.

Sherry R, Baldwin, NY


Clare's courses have provided me with a much needed source of peace and reassurance that our world, though going through some of the most trying & difficult times, is on the mend. Clare is a beautiful spiritual teacher with a wealth of knowledge to share. Her classes are a gift to is all! 

Paula G., Jericho, NY  

I absolutely love working with Clare! I have been a client and student of hers for years. She has given me so many practical methods, meditations, resources, and tools. All I have implemented has triggered great breakthroughs and accelerated my spiritual growth far beyond my expectations. When I began with Clare, I had been working on self love for many years and it always felt forced and a waste of time. But after a few weeks of doing some of the techniques and meditations Clare taught, out of nowhere, I saw myself in the mirror and felt "Wow, I really love you". And again that night, before I fell asleep I said to myself, I love my life and I really love myself. Out of nowhere! I just genuinely felt it. I am so grateful for her dedication and commitment! Eternally Grateful.

Ann B, Shirley, NY


I have been a client and student of Clare’s for many years now and have never been disappointed. Her classes are fun and well organized and I always come away with knowledge and tools that help me in my life. I can honestly say I’ve become a better person because of Clare. I understand myself better and have tools to help me navigate these stressful times. I highly recommend Clare's services.