We knew they wouldn’t be apart for long. It was always the plan that they would Ascend together. They spoke of the cottage they had reserved in paradise. Dad would manage the vegetable garden and Mom the flowers. Mom intended to go first to start the tea, and 10 minutes later when it was fully steeped, Dad would join her. He didn’t want her to be alone here on Earth; she wasn’t.

The plan was altered in the last hours of their lives. Dad moved into the cottage on 2/13/21 and Mom joined him 23 days later on 3/8. She Ascended at 11:11 PM, perfect timing for an Ascension. It could be no other way for an Earth Angel!
If there was one word to describe Tom and Joan Hollywood, it would be INSPIRING. They left an indelible mark on everyone they met. From the most benign encounter, to those who knew and loved them intimately.
There were never two people more suited for each other. Their love was legendary and will live on through their legacy… their seven children, 10 grandchildren and all those whom they touched.
It all began in the slums of Argentina. Dad left Sunnyside Queens to follow his calling, determined to be of service, he knew God had big plans for him. Mom had just graduated from Nursing School at Boston College and wanted to volunteer for a few months.
He had prayed for a “sign” after serving in the military. He had accomplished all he would as a Marine, even being honored with an assignment to guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington D.C.

The “sign” came through the mail, a letter from Catholics for Latin America, searching for volunteers. He never looked back and ended up dedicating seven years of his life to running the organization. In the end, he was awarded many medals for his service to the poor.
He intended to become a monk, following in the footsteps of his “brother" St. Francis, until he met Joan. She waited patiently until he received another "sign" from God that the plan had changed; he could be of even greater service by marrying Joan and starting a family!

Although she had returned to her home town of Lynn, MA for a visit, he didn’t hesitate to propose through the mail. She accepted his proposal and he returned to a splendid ceremony beautifully prepared, surrounded by all their loved ones.

Their job was not done as missionaries; they returned to Chile. Dad was highly recognized for his work and Mom his faithful partner. He always remarked about her willingness to help everyone, never even a complaint, no matter how challenging the circumstances were. Her tenderhearted Soul knew no boundaries, everyone deserved love and compassion; there was never any judgment.

The material meant nothing to them, they always had more than they needed, “God will provide” was Dad’s favorite line. They were sustained by all the greater gifts of the immaterial world and lived in endless gratitude for all their blessings. I am honored to be their “love child”, born in the foothills of the Andes mountains, raised in a one-room shack with no running water or plumbing.

Dad had an adventuresome spirit. He lived to be of service, sharing a bit of happiness with everyone he met and often a morsel of higher wisdom as well.

Mom talked to the angels all the time. She called on them for everything and trusted she had their support. She lived amongst them; they were just a part of life.

Mom and I almost died in the delivery room at the clinic. Unable to perform a cesarian, they were not prepared for a breech birth and the cord being wrapped around my neck. But God had big plans for Joan and Tom, this wouldn’t stop them.

After an ectopic pregnancy following my birth, mom was told she could not have any more children. Boy, were those doctors wrong!

They returned to the states when I was two and Mom was pregnant again. They were blessed in the end with seven amazing children. My siblings and I joke that we all lined up in heaven waiting to be born to them, and we fought tooth and nail to get to the front of the line!

The baby of the family is Matt, he swears he is the reincarnated ectopic pregnancy. He just wanted us to work out the kinks for him, so he could experience the wisdom of his siblings and parents who were over the control phase of parenthood, easy breezy.

In every picture of Joan from 1966 to 1982 she was either expecting or carrying a newborn, with other toddlers clinging to her hip. She had a growing clan of little Hollywood’s demanding her attention. She was fierce!

She prepared a home-cooked meal every night, to be more accurate multiple home-cooked meals, because we all had different preferences.

Way ahead of her time, she was “natural” before it became fashionable. You wouldn’t find sugar cereals in our house and the only time we had soda was on a rare pizza night or at a birthday party.

Mom made everything from scratch and she was a great baker! She never bought prepared foods and did the circuit of three supermarkets each week to stretch every dollar and benefit from every sale.

Kids from all over the neighborhood packed into the tiny Hollywood kitchen on Harvard Street for fresh baked treats after school every day. Joan was best known for her chocolate chip cookies! She diligently placed seven chocolate chips in each one individually… to represent her seven children. Love was her secret ingredient!

Mom successfully juggled all that came along with seven children, their friends, volunteering at the church, working as an RN and serving as everyone’s go-to person for every itch and ailment.

She preferred the holistic approach over western medicine but was fluent in both. She had tons of alternative therapies that she embraced and shared with others.

She knew just how to advise everyone as to the best treatment for their affliction. Did you know apple cider vinegar can cure almost anything? Joan did, it was her first question, “did you try the ACV yet?”

The only medicine she kept in the house was St. Joseph’s aspirin. She was a big fan of St Joseph, after all she credited him with helping her find my Dad in Argentina. 

There was no such thing as privacy. We argued for our individual needs, but if they were not in the best interest of the family as a whole, we were out of luck. We learned to be team players!
We heard the phone ringing all day long as Mom would share her vast knowledge and expertise. That was until she was afflicted with Alzheimers 11 years ago. Before that she was fluent in three languages and graduated valedictorian of her class, but then her memories began to dwindle.
The woman who gave so much to so many was now learning how to receive.
Dad’s love and devotion to Mom was never in question. Until their final moments, he sang to her and professed his undying love. Even though she didn’t remember she was married and had children, she never forgot how much she loved the man she lived with and the friendly people who cared for her.
~ A big shout out to Sarah Hollywood-Krulder, her amazing husband Shawn and their three kids Maya, Brendan & Audrey who were their daily support team for six + years ~
Tom and Joan expressed their love to each other every day, in countless ways. Although they have left us in the physical plane. Without a doubt, they have successfully made it to paradise! They are together sharing a pot of tea at the cottage and dancing, just like they always did! Mom has her memory back and they are catching up on all the all the amazing things they experienced in their lives. What a team, success is sweet!
I could go on for hours about all that they accomplished, I have only scratched the surface for you here.
Today we celebrate their lives, their adoration for each other and their Love for all mankind! Humble, selfless, generous and always willing to go the extra mile for anyone who stumbled onto their path, literally! 

Dad surprised us with a few homeless people over the years for showers, meals or just a nap, and Mom always “held the space" for whatever transformation would occur in the wake of their nurturing hearts. They unofficially adopted many of the neighborhood kids in times of need as well.
The ripple effect of Tom and Joan Hollywood will last for eternity! If you asked them what you could do in honor of them, they would no doubt say…
~ Share a smile with everyone you see and remember a HOWDY can go a long way!
~ Love the one you are with and never forget to go for a walk with them when times get tough. It was their greatest marriage advice!
~ Love your neighbor and always lend a helping hand!
We have received many signs and know they are at peace in paradise! Although we no longer have their physical example, we are forever bonded on the Soul level and look forward to joining them for tea at the cottage when the timing is right.
These Earth Angels have earned their wings many times over!
Please join the SEVEN CHOCOLATE CHIPS in celebrating their lives: Clare, Eve, John, Sarah, Rachel, MaryBeth & Matthew
Share some goodwill, invoke their Spirit and they will shower you in Blessings! They want to support you in making a difference by passing on a BIT OF HAPPINESS & LOVE to the next person!
A big thank you from all of the Hollywoods!  We are grateful for all your Love & Support! 

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