Unleashing the Power Within: My Journey of Transformation

Imagine a life that has been so profoundly transformed that it feels as if you have entered a completely different world. A world where your fantasies become your living, breathing reality.

It's been a long while since I last connected with you, my dear friends. So lovely for us to meet again!

I am sending you a wave of love as I stand before you today. My heart is brimming with excitement and I have an extraordinary experience to share.

You may be curious as to why its been so long… Well, a lot has happened! Life's twists and turns have led me on a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and ultimately, finding my true love and spiritual partner.

My life has undergone such a significant transformation in the past few years that it is almost unrecognizable. 


Before giving up on my most cherished dream,
I found the strength to persevere, and
now the mist has cleared into a brilliant new reality.


The Universe heard my call, synchronistically leading me to the doorstep of my True Love and Spiritual Partner!

Captain Scott, myself, and our 14-year-old lab, Caysea, have been away at sea, living aboard In Balance for the last two years.

In 2021, we came together to manifest our dream catamaran and embarked on a journey of exploration and adventure, challenging ourselves to live In Balance, In Harmony, and In Flow with nature, in sweet submission to all her beauty, as we watched the world go by.

They say the cruising lifestyle is considered the
ultimate relationship challenge, and I can understand why. 

It takes a special kind of commitment, boldness, trust and patience to navigate such a journey together. We each had our moments, but throwing the other overboard during challenging times is not a viable option.

As a team, we have faced numerous trials and storms, both literal and figurative, pushing us to our limits. Fortunately, the rewards we have reaped have far outweighed the risks, and the freedom we have gained has made it all worthwhile. 

I am truly grateful that after two years, our bond has grown even stronger. And in case you hadn’t received the wonderful update, we married on 2/22/22 on an idyllic beach in Key West. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day! 

We just completed an eight-month voyage to the Bahamas, exploring most of the archipelago. During this time, we traveled 4125 nautical miles through 72 passages. Additionally, last year we traversed 4512 nm across 94 passages.

I am not sharing this to boast. However, there is a captivating story with valuable lessons, so please read on…


I have successfully created the life of my dreams,
and I firmly believe that you have the power to do the same!


I alchemized my difficulties into great blessings and stepped into the life I had visualized.

To give you a glimpse into my journey and the hurdles I faced, I’ll share some of the challenges that nearly pushed me to the point of giving up. I’ve faced a series of betrayals and was left drained and disheartened. I’ll touch on just a few here…

My prosperous financial career came to an abrupt halt just before 9/11. I had been promoted to Director at a regional bank investment program, only to be sacrificed several months later as a scapegoat. My name was eventually cleared, but my world was unraveling; the comfortable existence I had known was shattered.

During our 12-year marriage, my ex-husband was unfaithful. Despite our attempts to salvage the relationship, they were futile. As the breadwinner, I had been supporting us for years, but my ex-husband refused to step up to the plate when I lost my job. Consequently, this resulted in our divorce.

I lost everything I had worked so hard for… 
my lifestyle, savings, assets, marriage, and ALL that defined me.


That was my first Dark Night of the Soul and a true blessing in disguise! Even though I didn't know where to begin, through my struggles I found strength and ultimately discovered my true self.

After years of soul-searching, exploring various jobs, traveling, and new experiences, I eventually began to embrace my true calling as an energy healer, intuitive, and life coach. 

Although it had always been a passion, I hadn’t thought it was something I could make a living doing. Once I overcame that limiting belief and took the leap of faith, my practice began to fall into place.

By 2016, my life was running smoothly, and I was content. My personal growth and healing had progressed, and I utilized my wisdom to assist others in their transformational journeys.

My business was flourishing. I was in good health and supported by wonderful friends and family.

Spirituality had become my way of life,
and I lived a conscious lifestyle. 


Throughout my life I’ve been fascinated by the mysteries of the Universe. Tapping into the power of the Quantum and the Universal Laws has opened the door to endless possibilities, helping me grow into the most fulfilled version of myself.

I achieved many remarkable feats including pushing my limits to become a triathlete and a long-distance open-water swimmer. This shattered the boundaries of possibility for me! Prior to this I never considered myself an athlete in any capacity. The unlocking of new potentials within myself has enriched my life in ways I could have never imagined. 

I look forward to sharing my
energy toolbox for conscious creation with you on a later date,
so you can Find Your True North, realign with your authentic self
and materialize your dreams. 


History has shown that when we unlock our innate potentials, we become catalysts for positive change, creating a ripple effect throughout the collective. It awakens others to what is possible for them, raising the vibration of the planet and shaping a brighter future for all.

Despite manifesting profound experiences and continually feeling better about myself and the life I had created, there was still a gaping hole that remained. I desired a meaningful relationship and deeper fulfillment.

A decade had passed since my divorce; I questioned if falling in love could be possible for someone approaching their 50s. Was falling in love only for the young and naive? Or the lucky few?

I longed for a partner who would be my true love and spiritual match, but I had yet to find him...

Was I too set in my ways, too jaded? 

Not enough this, not enough that?

Too much this, or too much that?

I bet you know how the dialogue goes!

My sisters and friends told me I was too picky and not giving men a fair chance. I consciously decided to step out of my comfort zone and open my heart to love again despite the past hurts.

In 2016, I set out to align with my desired reality. My mission was to build a solid and fulfilling relationship with a partner who would value, love, adore, and appreciate me as much as I did him.

I made massive shifts in my life to make space for this potential.


But it didn’t work immediately… I started dating again unsuccessfully and ended up even more frustrated. 

My guides kept encouraging me to dream big and focus on what I genuinely desired rather than what I saw before me. 

They instructed me to view every obstacle as a stepping stone toward achieving my goals.

So I mustered up all my strength and set my navigation to my desired destination.

I eventually met a guy online, developed feelings, and opened my heart. 

Only this guy was also wounded… He claimed to have overcome his issues after undergoing years of therapy and believed he was ready and able to have a healthy and harmonious relationship with me.

Things moved forward very quickly, and BAM!

My confidence in him was destroyed when, in just seven months, he committed a significant breach of my trust. I was thrust into my second Dark Night of the Soul… 

As my old wounds of betrayal resurfaced, doubts began to creep in, casting a shadow of uncertainty. Even though it seemed that I had drifted off course, my guides assured me it would be worth it! Full steam ahead.

I was taught the value of forgiveness and gratitude towards my experience. In hindsight, it was better that my time with that guy I met online was cut short, rather than wasted. Forgiving him was transformative for us both!

What's more, I discovered I was fully capable of falling in love once again! I could see that I was the Source of Love. With or without him, I have access to it; it wasn't missing!


From womb to age seven the brain is in a theta state.
There is literally no filter during this time and we take everything in as fact.
~ Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

During some deep inner child work, I realized I had been carrying an intense emotional pain since childhood…

A program and limiting belief that I had picked up when I was only six, at a time when we humans are in a very receptive state, downloading everything into our subconscious as truth. 

Although I had pushed the experience out of my conscious mind, it resurfaced for resolution. 

Then it registered, my subconscious had been projecting it all along, and it had been impacting my life in myriad ways.

There was also a knowing that if I didn’t address it now,
it would just keep showing up in other ways.


I received reassurance from Spirit that by addressing my core wound, I could end my life’s betrayal pattern.

Without hesitation, I followed the guidance and it paid off! 

As I focused on healing my heart, finding self-love, self-acceptance, and moving out of resistance, my spiritual awakening began accelerating. I found compassion for my inner little girl, leading to a powerful transformation. 

I only wish I had remembered this time around, 
that life often has to fall apart in order to fall together…
I wouldn’t have resisted and struggled so much!


Deep inner work, epiphanies, and a whirlwind of synchronicities led me to where I AM today. 

Since 2014, I had the pleasure of residing and working from a delightful apartment situated along a picturesque canal. It was a place that provided my clients, students and me with a sense of tranquility and serenity. I had no intentions of leaving this heavenly setting. However, everything changed when an incredibly disruptive individual moved in upstairs, creating an intolerable environment.

Despite all my lightworker skills and months of effort, I could not tame this monster. I was left with no alternative but to move to save my sanity. Remarkably, while pursuing a new place to live, I was shown an apartment in the home of my husband, Scott!

It wasn’t love at first sight; we had to work through some immediate challenges, including his crazy ex-girlfriend. But in doing so, we realized we were a fantastic fit. An inexplicable and deep connection began to emerge that surprised us both.

All you need is to hold the vision and keep taking the next step...
I’m forever grateful that I followed the Divine breadcrumbs and didn’t give up!


Undoubtedly, the path that led me here was filled with bumps and challenges, yet I wouldn’t alter a single step. If I had encountered Scott earlier, the timing wouldn’t have been suitable for him to embrace our shared connection fully.

I firmly believe that a higher power was at play, intricately orchestrating the perfect timing for our meeting. The alignment of events and the undeniable synchronicities are evidence of a greater force guiding our paths toward each other.

Despite declining the apartment in his house, our meeting was critical. I discovered a stunning apartment overlooking the harbor, just one town away from Scott. When I woke up on the first day at my new abode, Spirit whispered, “she had to be that bad, or you never would have left.” Spirit had placed that impossible woman in my path just to get me to move!

Just six years ago, on June 5, 2017, I was writing in my manifestation journal,
envisioning the day I would encounter my ideal partner.
Remarkably, precisely one year later, on that exact date, I was led to his doorstep.


Our Divine encounter happened because we were an energetic match at that moment!

I shared my manifestation journal with Scott several months after we officially became a couple. He couldn’t believe I had written those things before I met him; he was such an excellent match for my vision.

It is truly remarkable to be entangled with the intricate workings of the spiritual realm. I am in awe of the beauty and wisdom that ultimately shapes our lives in profound and meaningful ways.

For the past 15 years, my journey has revolved around teaching, coaching, and empowering others to discover greater well-being. I intend to continue guiding and supporting individuals in achieving their goals once my book is complete. In the meantime, please be patient with me!

In the wake of our recent global adversity, many of us are facing significant personal challenges. Masses of people are finding themselves grappling with an overwhelming identity crisis. If you’re concerned about your life’s path and the role you have to play, you’re not alone. The uncertainty surrounding the future can be immense. However, it is crucial to discover sustainable ways to navigate through these turbulent times so we can thrive and tap into the limitless potential within.

With this in mind, I am focused on rebuilding and enhancing my products and services, to be more impactful and valuable during these challenging times. This can be a time of tremendous growth and positive change. Together, we can weather the storms and emerge stronger, more resourceful, and better equipped to face whatever the future holds.

Working on myself has been a lifelong passion. In showing up for myself, I’ve been able to guide my clients forward to do the same. If you're ready to be the Captain of your Ship and desire to live a more conscious lifestyle with greater inner peace, freedom, and joy please come aboard for the ride!

What if the unexpected things that are showing up in your life
are actually unfolding for your benefit?
Could they be an invitation to release resistance, fully embrace life's blessings,
and venture into something thrilling that you've been yearning for all along?

Even if you doubt the power of manifestation or have never experienced its blessings before, I’d love to support you in unlocking your dreams. It is my greatest joy to witness the expansion, transformation, and miracles in the lives of those I serve.

Please take a moment to COMMENT and let me know how I may help you…

    • Where is there a gaping hole in your life?
    •  In which areas do you have the biggest blocks?
    •  If you could receive one thing, what would create the most significant impact on your life?
    •  Or just CLAIM your VISION so I can hold space for you!!!
In a world filled with obstacles, doubt often creeps in,
the key to unlocking a life of fulfillment and purpose lies in
believing in the boundless possibilities and never giving up on your dreams.

You too can go from Dreamer to Achiever and make your dreams a reality!

Thanks for being here, I hope this inspired you today.

To your expansion,


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