Embracing Divine Synchronicity in the Season of Renewal

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In the ethereal dance of life, there are moments when the universe whispers secrets, guiding us along paths we never thought to tread. Such was the case on Easter 2023, a day etched in my memory as a testament to the mysterious forces that shape our existence.

As I recount this story, I’d like to acknowledge that while my beliefs may not align with traditional religious dogma, my soul resonates with the gentle cadence of the universe, finding solace and wisdom in the whispers of the wind.

On that fateful Easter, my husband Scott and I set sail on a voyage through the tranquil waters of the Bahamas on a carefully charted course from Georgetown to Eleuthera. Yet, as we sailed, something compelled us to surrender to the winds, a serendipitous detour that led us to the secluded shores of Cat Island.

Amidst the raw beauty of an island we hadn't planned to explore, we noticed a structure atop a verdant mountain reminiscent of a miniature castle. A quick online search revealed that we had stumbled upon the Hermitage, a sacred monastery built in 1939 by Father Jerome, a devoted follower of St. Francis.

This place seemed to call out to us, inviting us to ascend the mountain and walk its stations of the cross. I felt an inexplicable connection to this sacred space, prompting me to tuck my parents' ashes into my bag. My heart urged me to honor their memory in this hallowed ground.

As my husband and I climbed to the highest point in the Bahamas, the mountain seemed to whisper its secrets to my soul, each step became a silent prayer of gratitude and remembrance. Upon reaching the summit of the monastery, a profound sense of reverence washed over me, accompanied by an inexplicable knowing that I was exactly where I was meant to be.

Standing there, gazing at the vast expanse before me, I marveled at the synchronicity that had brought me to this magical place. My parents revered St. Clare and St. Francis, so much so that they named me Clare Francis. Now, I stood in a monastery built by a follower of St. Francis, on an island beckoned to us by the whistling winds.



I was drawn to climb to the highest window of the tower where the azure expanse of the sea stretched out before me, I felt a profound connection to the divine—a union of past and present, of earth and sky, of life and death. In that sacred moment, I understood that love transcends the boundaries of time and space, binding us eternally to those we hold dear.

This Easter, my husband and I returned to Cat Island, prepared to honor another beloved soul. Our cherished Caysea, whose paw prints remain etched in our hearts, now joins my parents in the tower window. Together, their spirits find eternal solace in the warm embrace of the sun's rays.

As I reflect on that transformative journey, I am reminded of the true essence of Easter—a celebration of renewal, rebirth, and the eternal cycle of life. While my beliefs may diverge from traditional interpretations, the spirit of Easter resonates deeply within me, offering solace and hope in the face of life's uncertainties.

So, as you journey through the ebbs and flows of life, I encourage you to attune your senses to the whispers of the wind—to embrace the beckoning of synchronicity and yield to the sacred rhythm of existence. In those fleeting moments of alignment, you may uncover the universe's gentle orchestration, nudging you towards your destined path and ultimate fulfillment.

For it's in these moments of openness and surrender that you may discover yourself precisely where you're meant to be.


In respect for the sanctity of the Hermitage, posting pictures is not permitted. If you wish to experience its beauty, please click here: https://www.bahamas.com/plan-your-trip/things-to-do/the-hermitage-on-mt-alvernia


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