Navigating Life's Storms: You Are Never Alone

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“I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.”
~ William Ernest Henley, Invictus

Ahoy there!

Before I take you into a storm in the Exumas that taught us profound lessons, let's cast off from where our journey began. I’d like to share a tender prelude to our voyage. On October 15, 2023, we set sail from Huntington, NY, embarking on an adventure that would test our spirits and deepen our understanding of our interconnectedness with the Universe.

The very next day, we faced a heartfelt departure as we bid a tearful farewell to our beloved first mate, Caysea. After a vibrant 14.5 years of life, filled with joy and countless adventures, Caysea gracefully transitioned in our arms, under the sun's gentle glow, on the back deck of her boat in Montauk. Her radiant spirit eternally sails alongside us, inspiring us to embrace each moment with the passion and zest she exemplified.

Carrying Caysea's spirit forward, let me steer you into an experience that just unfolded on February 5-7, 2024 in the heart of the mystical and magical Exumas, where the cerulean sea imparted lessons on life and the subtle whispers of the universe.


Aboard our 45-foot catamaran, In Balance, moored just 250 feet away from the coral reefs, we found ourselves facing the raw power of nature. We were surrounded by a tumult of towering waves, 6-8 feet high, and battered by gusts reaching up to 40 knots. The kind that makes you remember why sailors have so many tales of the sea.

Amidst the raging dance, a solitary seagull sought refuge on our bow, a regal beacon of calm in the eye of the storm, guiding us with its unwavering presence. Curiously, it had been in our company since the previous day.

This was no ordinary bird, nor was this just another storm to weather. To me, the seagull represented a soothing presence, a symbol I interpreted as a message from my father. Before passing away, he had promised to watch over his seafaring daughter and in that moment, I truly believed he was fulfilling that promise. He had a way of sending birds as messengers to our family, and this surely felt like one of his messages.

My father was a philosopher of life, an adventurer who brought joy and wisdom to those around him. His approach to life was as expansive as the sea itself, inspiring and guiding all those he encountered, not just through words, but through the curiosity, joy, and adventure he embodied. He was a beacon who guided me, my family, and countless others through life's uncertainties. And there, amid the howling winds and crashing waves, his teachings took on a new, profound meaning.

This sentinel in the storm, steadfast in its vigil for two days, symbolized not just my father’s memory but the universe’s way of communicating with us. It taught me to look beyond the immediate dangers, to find hope on the horizon.

Capturing this moment of on video, my eyes were drawn to a message thread on my phone marked with 111 messages - a sign from my mother; she always sends us ones. This was further reinforced by the one-minute and eleven-second duration of my recorded message.

These weren’t mere coincidences but affirmations from the universe, proclaiming their presence and encouraging us to maintain our faith.

The unwavering presence of the seagull, as if urging us to trust in the signs, reminded us we are never alone. Even during the most challenging times, the cosmos gently hints at guidance and backing, but it's up to us to be receptive and observant. If we fail to acknowledge them, they pass by unnoticed, and we lose the opportunity for connection. Unintentionally, we deter further signs from manifesting.


My journey with Scott, tested by the storm, became a testament to the resilience we’ve built over our three years at sea aboard In Balance. It was a night of camaraderie, a true test of our endurance, we're in this together.

Around 7:30 pm, the storms ferocity unfolded before our eyes. A neighboring catamaran, previously moored beside us, was set adrift as its mooring gave way. The vessel drifted alarmingly close to the coral reefs, teetering on the brink of calamity. As it began moving in our direction, burdened by the weight of its broken mooring, our hearts skipped beats as we witnessed their desperate fight.

The fear of a potential collision with our own boat loomed large. Miraculously, they managed to disentangle themselves, steering clear of the mooring field and venturing out to the sea to brave the storm.

This near-disaster with the neighboring catamaran was a powerful lesson in vigilance, preparedness, and the strength we draw from one another. It served as a stark reminder of our fragile existence in the face of Neptune's mighty forces. We took turns all night on watch, mindful that our mooring, too, could fail.


In this heightened state of alertness, I discovered a profound connection to the universe that guides us, feeling as though Neptune himself was reminding us of the eternal dance between man and the natural world.

The seagull had accomplished its mission, leaving me enveloped in a deep sense of tranquility and insight.

This experience went beyond the bounds of physical challenges, transforming into a spiritual odyssey that illuminated the way life's storms are sprinkled with Sacred Signs and Synchronicities - lighthouses of hope navigating us through the shadows.

In the aftermath of the storm, a radiant rainbow bestowed its grace upon us. It served as a reminder to maintain an open heart and mind, and to always keep our eyes wide open.


In sharing this story, I want to remind you that amidst life’s fiercest storms, there are always glimmers of hope and resilience. Through diverse channels, the universe urges us to keep the faith.

Are you curious about deepening your connection with the Universe to gain more confidence and clarity as you journey through life's ups and downs? I invite you to explore my free eBook, Sacred Signs and Synchronicities. It’s a guide to navigating life with grace and resilience, delving deeper into an understanding of these universal messages. 


Let's navigate life's journey with the Universe as our ally, recognizing the signs that lead us home. The Universe is there to help during times of adversity, reinforcing our strength and resilience.


Life’s a bit like being the captain of your own ship. The sea’s going to throw you some squalls, and every so often, a gale might just try to knock you off course. But it's in these moments, with the wind howling like a chorus of sea shanties, that we're reminded of the strength within us, of the signs and guides the universe sends our way - like a seagull in a storm, or the unexpected whisper, "Keep steady on the helm."

Let my Sacred Signs and Synchronicities eBook be your compass, deepening your interconnectedness with the Universe.

At the end of the day, every sailor knows that no storm can rage forever. The skies will clear, and the sea will calm. It's about finding the courage to sail through the rough waters, keeping an eye out for those signs that show you the way, and remembering that every captain has the power to navigate their ship through the choppiest of seas.

Life, with its myriad storms, is filled with Sacred Signs and Synchronicities waiting to be discovered.

We can embrace this odyssey with all its highs and lows, knowing these divine interventions are meant to guide us home to our true selves. In these moments of soulful recalibration, we uncover our innate power, ready to embark on a path of healing and purposeful direction.

So, let's hoist the sails, catch the wind, and bear in mind: The Universe is perpetually operating in the background, shaping the groundwork for our highest good.


Sometimes it appears as a clear blessing, and other times it’s a blessing in disguise.
In any case, it is working in your favor.


In moments of doubt, uncertainty, or peril, welcome divine assistance to illuminate your journey. When we acknowledge and collaborate with the benevolent forces that accompany us, they will lead us to our innermost strength and purpose.

By staying receptive, divine love, guidance, and comfort are bestowed upon us, sometimes in surprising forms. It’s our responsibility to welcome this support, remain receptive to identifying the Sacred Signs and Synchronicities, and allow them to steer us toward calmer seas.

My own voyage has taught me that the universe is not just a backdrop to our lives but an active participant, constantly steering us back to our path, especially when we find ourselves adrift.

Drawing from nearly two decades of experience in assisting individuals to unlock their connection to the universe, intuition, and potential, I have uncovered the profound impact of aligning our essence with the grand design of the universe.

As we navigate forward, let's embrace the understanding that the universe is conspiring in our favor. It's about finding serenity within the storm, identifying the lessons cloaked within life's trials, and acknowledging that every obstacle is a stepping stone towards greater self awareness and fulfillment.


Something remarkable unfolded as I was putting the finishing touches on this blog post. I referred to the seagull as the "sentinel in the storm," and felt an inexplicable urge to search this phrase on Google. To my astonishment, the top search results highlighted the Marines who stand guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This discovery struck a deep personal chord; my father had once held that very honor during his time in the military! As if in a orchestrated synchronicity, a song then played from my husband's Pandora playlist, "Go Tell It on the Mountain," a favorite my father loved to sing, and I hadn't heard in years. This convergence of so many signs was deeply moving and comforting.


It was as if my parents' spirits were right there with me, encouraging me to press on, infusing me with a serene confidence that everything is aligning for my greatest good. Sharing this profound experience fills me with gratitude, and I hope it serves as a reminder for you too, to recognize and cherish the signs that guide you through life's trials.


In closing, let this journey of Sacred Signs and Synchronicities remind you that you are never alone on this voyage of life. The universe is your ally, and within you lies an infinite well of strength and potential, ready to be unlocked.


During these turbulent times on planet earth, each of us can catalyze a wave of healing across humanity, guiding us toward a collective state of greater wholeness and unity. Together, let's embrace the adventure, charting a course through the storms with faith, hope, and the unwavering belief in the power of our own inner light.


With our planet at a turning point, I invite you to stay connected. Your presence and involvement are essential, now more than ever, as we rise to confront the challenges that lie ahead.

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